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Covid Changed Indoor Air Quality Perceptions

Whether it's our own homes or the offices we shared with colleagues, to the supermarket or a movie theatre, indoor air quality varies from place[...]

Environmental Doctor Raises Money for Cancer Research

We appreciate donations to help with our Advocacy and Public Awareness efforts related to the health risks associated with radon.

Environmental Doctor at AARST

Our team had the pleasure to attend the AARST Radon Professionals Saving Lives Conference last month. AARST stands for the American Association of Radon Scientists[...]

DIY Mold Removal at Home

What to Do If You Spot Black Mold in Your Home Of course, we all know what it looks like – it’s gross. But what[...]

Foundation Crack Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Weather Can Be a Challenge for Your Basement The weather in Cincinnati varies throughout the year, from hot and humid summers to freezing temperatures[...]