DIY Mold Removal at Home

What to Do If You Spot Black Mold in Your Home

Of course, we all know what it looks like – it’s gross. But what exactly is black mold? If you see any black mold in your house, call the Environmental Doctor (937-433-5202) in Dayton, Ohio, immediately as it is very toxic.

Black mold is a type of microfungus that most often grows in a damp or moist environment indoors. You might see some mold grow inside your bathroom near the shower or on the corners of the tub. This is just one example of how it can quickly grow indoors, but bathroom mold is easy to notice and can be scrubbed off immediately. The real problem is when you see black mold growing in the basement or in a room with no sink or water pipes.

DIY Mold Removal at Home

If you spot black mold in your Ohio basement and can clearly see the source of it, whether the washing machine hose came loose and started leaking in a specific area, then you can solve the problem yourself. Using a mixture of one quart of water and half a cup of bleach, you can safely scrub the mold off a wall or wood trim with a soft brush. After safely scrubbing the mold stains, allow the solution to sit on the wall until it’s dry. Remember, this is just a quick tip for DIY mold removal where you can see why it’s growing in a particular area.

Call the Mold Experts in Southwest Ohio

If the black mold you’ve noticed in your basement has no apparent source, don’t try to solve the problem alone. Inhaling black mold is very harmful and can make your family and pets sick. We will prevent cross-contamination, kill or encapsulate the mold with our spraying techniques and ensure that the surfaces are left clean and dry with HEPA vacuuming. After further inspection, we may advise installing Crawl Space Encapsulation or Crawl Space Liners to help prevent moisture accumulation.