Covid Changed Indoor Air Quality Perceptions

The Pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus created a worldwide awareness of indoor spaces and indoor air quality.

Whether it’s our own homes or the offices we shared with colleagues, to the supermarket or a movie theatre, indoor air quality varies from place to place.

At Environmental Doctor, we noticed more and more people were calling in for prices on certain services. Although a duct cleaning, for example, may be a great way to improve your home’s indoor air quality, it might not be what’s needed.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ohio

The way to start improving the indoor air quality of your home or business is by getting an environmental assessment first. Then, our experienced technicians will provide air quality testing to get to the root of the problem.

A professional air quality test and assessment are the best way to know where your home or business stands so that you may act upon scientific information to improve the air quality where it matters to you and your loved ones.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is a combination of many factors, including air conditioning, filtration, humidification, dehumidification, drainage, insulation, and more. At Environmental Doctor, we understand how various construction, ventilation, and other factors contribute to poor indoor air quality.

If your home feels a bit stuffy, you should always open the window. No matter what season. Also, make sure to use the bathroom fan and the kitchen fan when needed. If you’re a smoker, try not to smoke indoors. Keep the habit outdoors.

Remember when humans were allowed to smoke cigarettes inside hospitals and on planes? There’s a good reason why that’s not allowed anymore.

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