Month: October 2013

Need to Reduce Allergies in the Home?

  Are you sick and tired of sneezing, stuffy noses and general misery?  In this Expert Village video, learn how something as simple as a[...]

A Silent Killer: The Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in the US

Radon is generally not the foremost item on most people’s minds. With kids, work, friends and life in general taking up most of our time[...]

3 Benefits of Installing a Carrier Air Conditioner Before the Ohio Humidity

Most people realize they have a need for an air conditioner, but wait to purchase one until it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t wait until you are[...]

Air Conditioner Broken? Tips to Surviving Without Air Conditioning

  Air conditioning helps make summer bearable, but if you don’t have an air conditioner or yours is broken, the summer heat and humidity can be too[...]

Tips for Staying Cool Without the Extra Cost

If money is tight, then you might benefit from the energy-saving tips you’ll find by watching this video. Simply programing your thermostat, planting a few[...]