Month: December 2016

A Heater Needing Repair Kills 14 Dogs at Canadian Doggy Daycare

A faulty heater in need of repair is to blame for the deaths of 14 dogs at a doggy daycare and boarding facility in Saskatoon,[...]

Mold Testing Reveals Source of Family Illness

Imagine watching your dream home warp into its own nightmare. Such was the experience of the Lilly’s, whose treasured home in Longmont, Colo. became a[...]

Family Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Snow Blocked Tailpipe

The tragic effects of carbon monoxide are not always limited to the home. This past winter, a family in New Jersey became the victims of[...]

A Blast from the Past: Dangers of Radon and the Need for Radon Detection Highlighted in 1980s Newsletter

Here’s one from the archives, going back to the days before the Internet when folks were just beginning to discover the dangers of household radon[...]

Cutting Drafts, Regularly Repairing Your Heater Can Slash Heating Bills in Half

Looking to cut down on your heating bills and still stay cozy this winter? Popular Mechanics has some great energy savings tips that will save[...]