Month: April 2017

Air Quality Tests Reveal Dusty Conditions in Classrooms

Even without the presence of mold, air quality tests may still reveal dusty conditions that can be hazardous to your health. While mold testing at[...]

Handy Video for Electric Water Heater Repair

Wonder if your electric water heater needs repair? Check out this handy YouTube video on how to troubleshoot your electric water heater. Remember, first establish[...]

Prison Radon Testing Reveals Exposure 5x EPA’s Safe Levels

When it comes to radon, homeowners have a choice: they can test for radon to ensure their family is living in healthy conditions. Prisoners, on[...]

Carbon Monoxide Tests Reveal Cause of Family Death

An unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning incident that left one dead, seven hospitalized, is yet another reminder of the need for regular tests for carbon monoxide[...]