Year: 2011

Now is the Time to Replace that Old Furnace!

Fall is the best time to replace that old, noisy and inefficient furnace in your basement or closet (don't think out of sight, out of[...]

Mold Licensing Law Passed in Maryland

The trend in professional mold remediation is for states to require individual licensing for companies performing mold work. Companies doing work without the proper credentials[...]

Federal Agencies Working to Make Homes Healthier

CONTACT: Molly Hooven (EPA) 202-564-2313 202-564-4355 Shantae Goodloe (HUD) 202-708-0685 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 4, 2013 Federal Agencies Working to Make Homes Healthier Improving[...]

Spring Thaw is Here!

Remember to check your sump pumps, backup systems and test batteries to prevent a major problem in your basement! Please let us know if we[...]

EPA Warns Against Using Cheap Refrigerant Substitutes

Today the EPA issued a warning against using cheap and also flammable substitues for R-22, which is the refrigerant used in most older (even a[...]