Air Conditioner Broken? Tips to Surviving Without Air Conditioning

Air conditioning helps make summer bearable, but if you don’t have an air conditioner or yours is broken, the summer heat and humidity can be too much to take . An HVAC system is the most effective way to keep cool, but there are some tricks you can use to keep your home’s temperature manageable if your air conditioner is out of commission.

In this video, learn ten ways to keep cool in extreme heat and humidity. You will only need a fan, ice, your bed sheets, spicy food, wristbands, a bandanna, and a window exhaust fan. Each of these ten tips will offer you some relief, especially considering that over four hundred people die each year because of the heat.

If the heat gets too unbearable, then contact the Environmental Doctor in Dayton to install a quality Carrier air conditioner. Not only can we help you get set up with a new HVAC system, we can also help repair your current air conditioning system or provide duct cleaning services. Contact us today and stay cool this summer with a quality HVAC system from Environmental Doctor.

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