Mold Licensing Law Passed in Maryland

The trend in professional mold remediation is for states to require individual licensing for companies performing mold work. Companies doing work without the proper credentials and training, which results in poor quality and a major disservice to the customer, is driving this legislation. Not to mention the potential for people to suffer from continued adverse symptoms as a result of mold exposure after shoddy work is performed. Environmental Doctor has three individually certified individuals on its current staff and carries special contractor’s pollution and professional liability insurance, both of which are rare and difficult to obtain for mold remediation professionals. Call us for an assessment based on best industry standards and don’t be fooled by the enticement of low price or companies who want to just “spray the area” with a treatment without properly cleaning or removing contaminated materials. Call Environmental Doctor today if you want your job done right by a company that will stand behind their work and has since 1989!