New Years Indoor Air Quality Goals

Congratulations! We made it to 2021. What a year 2020 has been, and although it always feels like a fresh start when a new year rolls around, we feel it now more than ever. So, with that said, let’s talk about indoor air quality goals.

Indoor air quality is something we take for granted. Without proper knowledge of our home or office indoor air quality, we are blind to what could be harming us. Most indoor air pollutants cause health effects that take a long time to show any signs of. Let’s help you and your loved ones stay safe this new year by conducting an air quality test in Dayton. Set up a consultation with our experienced staff today. We are located in Dayton, Ohio, and our service areas include Northern Cincinnati, Butler and Warren Counties, Springfield, Piqua, and Eaton areas.

What are the main reasons why your home’s indoor air quality has worsened over time? For starters, proper ventilation is one of the most critical factors for better air quality indoors. If ventilation stays poor, overtime can affect humidity levels and even work performance or sleep quality. Speaking of humidity, this is a massive culprit to mold problems. Pests, dust mites, and insects are also sources of indoor allergens. This brings us to our next important factor, duct cleaning. You should consider having your air ducts cleaned if there is persistent smells or evidence of vermin, rodents, or insects living in your air ducts. We advise you not to inspect or try to clean the air ducts by yourself. You should always call a professional, at Environmental Doctor, to do a proper and safe inspection.

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How to Have the Best Air Quality Over the Holidays

How to Have the Best Air Quality Over the Holidays

The Holiday Season is officially here. Not only are more families aware of their health during this time, but indoor air quality is also a top priority. During the wintertime, being indoors means cooking slow meals all day long, watching television with our loved ones while staying cozy on the couch, and lighting up fall scented candles. But a foul-smelling basement is definitely not on the list. How can you achieve the best air quality over the holidays?

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home, only to notice the smell of a damp carpet or mildew? Perhaps it is slightly covered by candle or fabric spray, but the scent lingers. Well, it affects the air quality of your home. The good news is – if you know where the musty smell is coming from (like from an old mop), then you can solve the problem. The bad news – if the smell has been lingering around for weeks, months or even years, you need to call a professional. Your home could be dealing with a radon or mold problem, past due duct cleaning, sump pumps, backup systems, or in need of crawl space liners and air cleaners.

How to have the best air quality over the holidays

Not only could a damp smell be bad for your air quality and overall health of you and your loved ones, but it can also be the source of a larger issue. Over the years, our company has performed successful indoor quality tests to get the answers you need. Our team at Environmental Doctor does it all, from basement waterproofing to mold removal and water intrusion problems. Staying comfortable indoors is a top priority while it’s snowing outside.

Don’t delay your inspection; the holidays deserve to smell nice and clean for you and your guests. We are located in Dayton, Ohio and serve all of the areas surrounding Dayton. From Springfield to the East, Piqua to the North and Eaton to the West.

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Summertime Threats to your Indoor Air Quality

Summer is in full effect! And with the summer heat, comes more time spent indoors. Sure, blasting the AC on a hot evening feels amazing, but there are various threats that could easily sabotage your indoor air quality. The air quality inside your home is important to your health and overall safety. So what are common summertime threats to your indoor air quality?

Common causes of poor indoor air quality:

Air contaminants such as dust, mold, bacteria, gases, vapor, mold, or chemicals.

Changes to the indoor environment. Such as poor air circulation, temperature, humidity, and type of ventilation system.

So you may ask yourself, with all these summertime threats, why is my indoor air quality so important?

summertime threats

Whether you just moved into a new home or office space, or you have been living in the same place for years, you may develop allergies or a cough that is related to the indoor environment. Sometimes, these health issues are hard to pinpoint. There isn’t a lot of awareness in regard to home air testing. This is a simple test that can change your entire lifestyle. An irritated throat, sinus issues, unexplained headaches, and other symptoms may disappear once you’ve taken care of an indoor air problem.

Most importantly, there may be air contaminants lingering inside your home, which are invisible to the naked eye. Some of these air contaminants may include toxic vapors, volatile organic compounds from solvents, glues, pesticides, or disinfectants. Other possible contaminants may come from building materials, such as asbestos, fiberglass, gases, and others. Water intrusion can result in environmental hazards as well as damage to the structure of a home or building. This can also create mold and other indoor air quality problems.

Some people may experience symptoms within hours and feel better once they leave the area. Others may develop symptoms over time. This is why it is crucial to get a home air tester.

We specialize in improving the quality and health of indoor environments by identifying odorless and invisible air pollutants. We have practiced our methods for over 25 years to become a leader in indoor air quality issues throughout Dayton, Ohio.

We cover Butler and Warren Counties, including Mason, Lebanon, Middletown, West Chester, and Liberty Township. Schedule an appointment with us at (937) 433-5202 or (513) 361-0015. Photo kindly by Laura Pratt

Can “Blue Light” Affect Your Air Quality?

Light pollution is not an unfamiliar term to most. In fact, light pollution has now infiltrated our own homes. Blue light, also known as the light coming out from your smartphone or laptop, can be damaging to the eyes. But did you know that blue light affects more than just your eyes?

Artificial light can ruin the circadian rhythm – your body’s internal clock. Studies have shown that the more time we spend on our electronic devices at night, our sleepless nights become more frequent. Light pollution is now a global issue. We cannot avoid the bright nights in almost any large city around the world. Nowadays, people can’t even count a handful of stars from their home at night. It is important to stick to the natural schedule and sleep when it’s dark out and wake up when the sun comes back around. Now, how does blue light contribute to this type of pollution?

Note: not all lights are created equal. Blue light emits blue wavelengths. Pretty much all of our devices emit it, which in turn can help boost our mood and attention span. Now, when we use this light at night, it disrupts our relaxation time. A 2019 report by Oregon State University states that blue light exposure is also linked to aging skin. So what can we do to prevent this type of pollution and exposure?

Try to incorporate a warmer light temperature in your household. Research shows that red lights actually have the least damage on melatonin and internal clocks. Avoid looking at blue light (screens) a few hours before bed time. You should try to get as much sun or light exposure during the day and not at night. If you work at night and need to look at a screen, you can order special glasses which filter out the blue light. There are also screen filters or applications you can download for your smartphone.

Nonetheless, if you need an air quality test in your home or business, call us today. We also specialize in radon testing and mold removal in the Dayton, Ohio area and beyond.

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blue light

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to Spring! Well, the calendar states that spring break is near, although there might be some snow outside. Nonetheless, we’re excited to talk about spring cleaning. Our favorite time of the year here at Environmental Doctor in Dayton, as it’s the perfect time to freshen up the house. Plus, it’s also the perfect time to assess how well your indoor air is circulating.

Getting Rid of Stale or Stuffy Air

We have all experienced it at some point in our lives, stuffy air. Most of us usually don’t notice it until we leave the house and then re-enter hours later. You know who can notice stuffy air faster? Guests or visitors in your home. Not only is it a bit embarrassing, but this stuffy air can mean a bigger problem. Stuffy air occurs in rooms which are not well ventilated, which explains as to why an attic or basement has its own sense of smell. Stuffy air in a room or throughout the house can also mean that there’s moisture in the walls, ceilings or floors. In time, this can lead to mold and mildew if left untreated.

Indoor Air Quality

Testing out the indoor air quality of your home is a great start for that spring cleaning to-do list. There are many air pollutants which are invisible to the naked eye. Especially after a huge spring cleaning job. You just never know what has been breeding in moisture for months or years and what’s being exposed indoors. Sometimes, air quality can be improved with a scheduled air duct cleaning. Allergies worsen at this time of year, naturally. But some allergy symptoms which persist all year long can be linked to indoor allergens. If your home is overdue for duct cleaning, give us a call and one of certified technicians can inspect your home as soon as possible. Live outside of Dayton, Ohio? We service a vast area in Ohio from Cincinnati to Springfield and more.

spring cleaning
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