Can “Blue Light” Affect Your Air Quality?

Light pollution is not an unfamiliar term to most. In fact, light pollution has now infiltrated our own homes. Blue light, also known as the light coming out from your smartphone or laptop, can be damaging to the eyes. But did you know that blue light affects more than just your eyes?

Artificial light can ruin the circadian rhythm – your body’s internal clock. Studies have shown that the more time we spend on our electronic devices at night, our sleepless nights become more frequent. Light pollution is now a global issue. We cannot avoid the bright nights in almost any large city around the world. Nowadays, people can’t even count a handful of stars from their home at night. It is important to stick to the natural schedule and sleep when it’s dark out and wake up when the sun comes back around. Now, how does blue light contribute to this type of pollution?

Note: not all lights are created equal. Blue light emits blue wavelengths. Pretty much all of our devices emit it, which in turn can help boost our mood and attention span. Now, when we use this light at night, it disrupts our relaxation time. A 2019 report by Oregon State University states that blue light exposure is also linked to aging skin. So what can we do to prevent this type of pollution and exposure?

Try to incorporate a warmer light temperature in your household. Research shows that red lights actually have the least damage on melatonin and internal clocks. Avoid looking at blue light (screens) a few hours before bed time. You should try to get as much sun or light exposure during the day and not at night. If you work at night and need to look at a screen, you can order special glasses which filter out the blue light. There are also screen filters or applications you can download for your smartphone.

Nonetheless, if you need an air quality test in your home or business, call us today. We also specialize in radon testing and mold removal in the Dayton, Ohio area and beyond.

Photo by Andras Vas.

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