Summertime Threats to your Indoor Air Quality

Summer is in full effect! And with the summer heat, comes more time spent indoors. Sure, blasting the AC on a hot evening feels amazing, but there are various threats that could easily sabotage your indoor air quality. The air quality inside your home is important to your health and overall safety. So what are common summertime threats to your indoor air quality?

Common causes of poor indoor air quality:

Air contaminants such as dust, mold, bacteria, gases, vapor, mold, or chemicals.

Changes to the indoor environment. Such as poor air circulation, temperature, humidity, and type of ventilation system.

So you may ask yourself, with all these summertime threats, why is my indoor air quality so important?

summertime threats

Whether you just moved into a new home or office space, or you have been living in the same place for years, you may develop allergies or a cough that is related to the indoor environment. Sometimes, these health issues are hard to pinpoint. There isn’t a lot of awareness in regard to home air testing. This is a simple test that can change your entire lifestyle. An irritated throat, sinus issues, unexplained headaches, and other symptoms may disappear once you’ve taken care of an indoor air problem.

Most importantly, there may be air contaminants lingering inside your home, which are invisible to the naked eye. Some of these air contaminants may include toxic vapors, volatile organic compounds from solvents, glues, pesticides, or disinfectants. Other possible contaminants may come from building materials, such as asbestos, fiberglass, gases, and others. Water intrusion can result in environmental hazards as well as damage to the structure of a home or building. This can also create mold and other indoor air quality problems.

Some people may experience symptoms within hours and feel better once they leave the area. Others may develop symptoms over time. This is why it is crucial to get a home air tester.

We specialize in improving the quality and health of indoor environments by identifying odorless and invisible air pollutants. We have practiced our methods for over 25 years to become a leader in indoor air quality issues throughout Dayton, Ohio.

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