4 Signs You’re Suffering from Allergies

Allergies can be caused by a variety of factors in your environment, especially true for those in Dayton. But did you know that even if you’ve never had them before, you can develop new allergies as your environment changes? Here are four signs that you probably have allergies. If you do develop allergies, the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology recommends limiting your exposure as much as possible to the source, such as avoiding pollen, pets, or other outside allergens that may set you off. You might also consider home air testing.

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Chronic cold-like symptoms

Many people who have allergies don’t know that they do because they assume that they are just sick all the time.  If you notice that you or a loved one always are starting to feel stuffy, sneeze, or have sinus pain, then it may not be just another cold! You may be allergic to something in your home or office’s air ducts, hidden mold, gasses, or seasonal changes.

Itchy or swollen eyes

If you suddenly start to notice extreme eye or nose irritation, then think about things that may have caused it, including changes in the weather. Factors like dust, pollen, or pet dander can cause your eyes to become red and swollen. You may also notice coughing or sneezing.

Ear pain or ear infection

Continuous problems with ear pain or recurring ear infections may also indicate an allergic reaction to dust, pollen, mold, radon, or other seasonal allergens. While there are remedies for temporary relief, eliminating or reducing the factors in your environment are the best solution, such as air duct cleaning, HVAC air maintenance, mold testing and remediation, and water treatments.


In some cases, allergic reactions can actually cause some a low-grade fever. This is especially true for people who are allergic to pets. Avoiding pets is a good solution. However, without proper cleaning of your air ducts and HVAC system, you may still experience symptoms.

If you find that there are allergens in your home causing these symptoms or would simply like to have your home cleaned of health-threatening elements such as radon gas or mold, then contact the Environmental Doctor in Dayton. We specialize in air duct cleaning, mold testing and remediation, radon testing and mitigation, waterproofing and water treatments, as well as HVAC needs. For information visit our website today.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Longer with Proper Maintenance

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Air Condition Service

Not sure what exactly requires the services of an HVAC professional? Here are a few common air conditioning maintenance tasks that should be done by your HVAC technician:

  • Ensuring the area around the air intake is free of mold
  • Checking for and fixing any air leaks
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Cleaning the blower housing and blower wheel
  • Cleaning dampers
  • Cleaning the blower wheel and blower housing

The best time to keep up with air conditioner maintenance is every year before the start of the hot summer months. Waiting until you’re in the midst of summer to think about your air conditioner could leave you in the lurch during the hottest time of year. Be sure to have your air conditioner serviced well before the unit is to be used extensively again.

Taking your own preventative measures will also help extend the life of your air conditioner. This video provides some handy tips on things you should have inspected on your air conditioner every year. Check your air filters monthly and be sure to change or clean them as needed. For HVAC services in the Dayton area, contact the Environmental Doctor. If you’re in need of a new air conditioning system, be sure to check out our current special on Carrier heating and cooling systems. We also offer a wide range of home services including duct cleaning, HVAC tune ups, mold testing, sump pumps and more. Visit our website to learn more or contact us today to discuss your individual needs.

Why You Should Inspect Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

Summer brings with it the need for the cooling comfort provided by your HVAC system. This is especially true when temperatures spike as the season wears on and the risk of heat strokes increase without a cool haven to go to. Most people just take it for granted that they can flip a switch on their thermostat box and the air conditioner will respond perfectly. These are the people who are in for a rude shock when the outdoor temperatures climb into the 90s and they discover that their HVAC system took an unannounced early retirement.

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The Importance of Early Inspections

No one wants the discomfort and inconvenience of a faulty HVAC unit. Here is why you should schedule early inspections early in the spring, even if you are relatively sure all is well:

  • Early and regular HVAC inspections will keep your unit operating at prime efficiency and help to prevent costly repair or replacement issues.
  • As the season wears on and more people begin to have trouble with their units, it can be difficult to find a repair service that isn’t completely booked. Technicians are less busy earlier in the season and are therefore able to offer quicker response times.
  • Any problems that may exist with your HVAC unit can be dealt with while the temperatures are still mild. That means when you do flip that switch, you can be sure the unit responds the way it was intended to.

This handy video provides a rundown of what your annual air conditioner inspection should entail. Don’t get caught in the heat of summer without your air conditioning. Call us here at Environmental Doctor to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance. If there are problems, we will tend to them promptly and efficiently. And if all your system needs is a bit of cleaning maintenance, then we can do that too so your cooling bills stay low and your system stays happy. Contact us today.

3 Benefits of Installing a Carrier Air Conditioner Before the Ohio Humidity

Most people realize they have a need for an air conditioner, but wait to purchase one until it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t wait until you are sweating and feeling miserable in Ohio’s high humidity—invest in an HVAC heating and air system now so you are ready when the humidity hits. Experience the following three benefits when you install your Carrier air conditioner today:


1.     Keep Up With the Weather

Before you know it, high summer temperatures and unbearable humidity will be here. Nothing is worse than coming home from a long day of work to a stuffy, hot and humid home. If you install an HVAC heating system and air conditioner now, while temperatures and humidity are tolerable, then you will be prepared for the heat that is just around the corner. As soon as the temperature rises and humidity soars, you will be able to simply turn on your air conditioner and cool down quickly.

2.     Avoid the Rush

Once the summer heat and humidity arrive, many people will be calling heating and cooling companies to install or fix their HVAC air conditioning. Unfortunately, this may cause a delay in obtaining your Carrier air conditioner. Make an appointment with an HVAC heating and air company today to avoid the summer rush.

3.     Ensure Correct Functionality

Install your HVAC heating and air conditioning system now so you learn how to correctly operate it before summer hits. This will also provide an opportunity to ensure that it works correctly and that there are no problems with the system or how it’s hooked up to your home. Don’t forget to have your heating and air  conditioning regularly inspected and repaired. Check out this video on proper operation of HVAC systems.

To have your Carrier air conditioner installed today, contact the Environmental Doctor. We offer a full line of HVAC heating and air systems, as well as water treatment, duct cleaning, radon testing and mitigation, and mold testing and remediation. Our goal is to maximize the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of your indoor environment, so call today to welcome summer the right way!

Allergy Season in Ohio: How Allergens Affect You & What You Can Do to Prevent Asthma & Allergy Attacks

According to a recent news story from The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio’s allergy season this year has been and will continue to be miserable for those who are prone to allergies. With May being Asthma Awareness Month, it’s also important to recognize that many common allergens can trigger asthma attacks. While the tree pollen allergens were subdued greatly by the steady rain, these conditions will provide an extremely healthy grass crop that will produce its own set of allergies. Add that to the fact that dampness breeds mold and you can see why so many will be becoming very close with their allergist this year.

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Prevention Steps to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

While there is little that you can do to prevent coming in contact with allergens whilst out in the wide world, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize their presence in your home. By taking the following preventative steps, you can rest easy in your home knowing it is a safe haven against sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and possibly even severe pulmonary complications:

  • Keep dust mites at bay by washing your bedding at least every ten days or so in hot water. Vacuum regularly and avoid traditional sweeping and dusting methods; damp is always best.
  • Invest in a home mold test and remediation, if necessary.
  • Change your HVAC filters regularly. Their job is to catch dust and allergens—you certainly don’t want used ones lingering in the background.
  • Learn about the benefits of HEPA air filters. HEPA filters must remove at least 99.97% of all airborne particles by particle count at a size of .3 microns. They are often used in hospital rooms, burn centers and laboratories to remove bacteria and other airborne contaminants.
  • Seal your home as well as possible. Not only will this help to reduce the number of outdoor allergens that make their way inside, but it will also help to lower your HVAC costs.

If you think you may have allergens in your home that are triggering some of your allergy or asthma symptoms, then call us today at Environmental Doctor. One of the best treatments for indoor air quality is the HEPA air filtration system. Learn more about HEPA air filters and how they can help minimize the effects of allergens in the home. In addition to HEPA air filters, we also offer mold test and remediation along with HVAC service and maintenance. Don’t suffer from allergies or asthma triggered from allergens inside your home. Contact us for some relief!