Radon Remediation Dayton Ohio


Looking for a Radon Remedy?

Radon is a silent killer and is second only to smoking as a leading source of lung cancer. Prevention is the cure. Our indoor environmental professionals test levels in your home or business using state-of-the-art equipment. We then install mitigation systems that prevent radon from leaking in from the outdoors during the cooler months, and block it from coming through sump pits, cracked foundations, crawlspaces, and utility penetrations. It is estimated that more than 51% of buildings in Ohio contain unsafe levels of radon per EPA guidelines. Help save lives. Get your home or business tested.

Radon remediation is a Phone Call Away! Environmental Doctor is Dayton’s Service Provider

Environmental Doctor is Dayton, Ohio’s leader in radon remediation. Our indoor environment professionals are trained in the latest methods in radon detection for your home, business or organization. We test using state of the art equipment and our technicians have a combined level expertise to address your specific concerns and needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all matter! We take measures to ensure that radon does not leak through sump pump pits, basements and crawlspaces, or other gaps in your outer walls. Our team holds five licenses in the state of Ohio, including HUD and the Ohio Department of Health. Give us a call today!