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Dayton Ohio Heater Repair

When your heater breaks, don’t wait till winter to repair

Every Autumn we get a flood of no-heat calls during the first good cold snap. Many homeowners already knew that their heater failed last Spring but delayed calling for repair service because the heating season was over. Then, when they need their heater most, it seems like half of Dayton is lined up waiting for service calls. Our experts can assess your unit and fix it in no time. If you need heater repair, call today.

Heater Maintenance

Your home heater is not an appliance you can simply forget about. During normal operation, especially during a cold winter, the heater collects dirt and grime that reduces efficiency and could result in big repairs if ignored. On a maintenance call, a professional HVAC technician washes away the year’s dirt and debris, checks that the safeties are functioning, and adjusts pressure for optimum efficiency. If you’re expecting efficiency and reliability from your home’s heater, annual maintenance by a professional is your best bet.

Heat Pump Repair

Many homes in the Dayton area use heat pumps to heat the home. In neighborhoods without natural gas service, a heat pump is a very efficient alternative to a resistance heater or fuel oil furnace. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner with added controls to reverse the flow of refrigerant in the winter time. Just as an air conditioner moves unwanted heat from the home to the outdoors, a heat pump can “pump” heat from outdoors to indoors, even during the chilly months.

When a heat pump stops working, the issue typically goes unnoticed for several weeks. Most heat pump systems use electric resistance heaters for backup. The backup heater can maintain the temperature of your home even when the heat pump is broken. The only difference is that the backup heater uses more than three times as much electricity. It’s not uncommon that the first sign of a malfunctioning heat pump is a $900 electric bill. Annual heat pump maintenance can prevent many repairs and it certainly pays for itself! If your heat pump is down, check on our page on heat pump repair pricing.


So that we can focus entirely on indoor air quality, we have partnered with Watkins Heating & Cooling to handle our heater repair and replacement calls. Watkins provides a fleet of skilled HVAC technicians, 24/7 service, and access to great financing. Their focus on heating and cooling has earned them a reputation as one of the best heating companies in the Dayton area.

Watkins Heating & Cooling is a family business just like ours. They share our values as well as our commitment to top-notch customer service. For more than 25 years, they have served the Dayton and Cincinnati areas well. With high integrity and consistent process, their great reputation has earned the Eclipse Award for Integrity from the BBB in 2015 and a Community Service Award from the Warren County Foundation in 2018.

For great heater service, please contact Watkins directly at (937) 748-0220 or on their website: www.watkinsheating.com.