The Fine Art of Fungal Spore Damage Repair

Dayton’s Mold Remediation Specialists

As mold growth takes place in the basement and crawlspaces of your home or office, damage to the structure of the building can result. That musty smell you’ve encountered may be working its way into other parts of your dwelling, risking health and further damage. But there is hope! Environmental Doctor is the premiere full-service restorer of indoor air quality & mold remediation for the Dayton area. We’ve had more than 25 years experience taking care of the toughest indoor environment issues, and leverage that knowledge and ability to resolve yours. Repairing the damage caused by fungal spores, and other indoor contaminants, is a fine art that you’ll appreciate.

Techniques that Exceed Industry Standards

Mold Remediation - Before

Our mold remediation services include containment, structural cleaning and mold removal. In addition to preventing cross-contamination using high efficiency HEPA filters, we will raise containment barriers around the affected areas to ensure safety and prevent further spread. Our standard practices for structural cleaning include HEPA vacuuming. We will damp wipe settled debris and leave your surfaces clean and dry. Experience has shown that the spraying techniques that others commonly use to combat mold buildup are not sufficient. Our methods involve physically removing the buildup, before using any other such techniques, ensuring a complete resolution to the problem.

Dayton Mold Remediation

The truth is that mold remediation isn’t as complicated as most would expect it to be. Although some companies advise potential clients that they must pay for a mold test, it’s only needed in rare cases. Can you physically see mold in your home? Then there is no need to test it out, just get rid of it! After inspection and removal it is important to pinpoint where the moisture is coming from and making sure the area does not cross contaminate with mold-free zones. Dayton mold remediation uses HEPA to replace the dirty, moldy air with clean fresh air to finalize mold removal and remediation.