The Benefits of Switching to a Purified Water System

Woman drinking water

Water is essential to our lives and to the proper functioning of our bodies. However, if your water doesn’t come from a healthy drinking source, then you could be causing harm to your body. Take a look at the following to learn how you and your wallet can benefit from installing a purified water system.

Decrease Risk of Lead Poisoning

According to the EPA, drinking water that contains lead contributes to over 400,000 cases of learning disorders in the United States each year. Purified drinking water is essential for proper mental and physical development. It is also pertinent that pregnant women drink filtered water, as lead can cause birth defects.

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

People who don’t have a purified water system frequently buy bottled water. This can get expensive and increase your carbon footprint, since what you’re really paying for is the plastic and the cost to ship the water to your local store.

Encourage You To Drink More

Most people say they don’t enjoy the taste of their water. However, a purified water system removes chlorine and bacteria from the water so that it tastes cleaner and fresher.

Decrease the Risk of Bacterial Contaminants

Water treatment facilities cannot accurately control for the outbreak of dangerous bacterial contaminants in tap water. However, a purified water system can filter out bacteria so that you don’t get sick.

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