Basement Pumps Help Prevent Mold

We could wax poetic about all the usual benefits of having a sump pump. Sure, a sump pump is obviously a source of great relief if your home is prone to flooding. And yes, an uncontrolled damp environment can lead to the buildup of mold, with all the potential health concerns that brings. But one thing you might not have thought of is how owning a sump pump may reduce the risk of fire. Think of all the appliances you have in your basement, such as washing machines and heating units. Now think of all the damage that could occur to these machines from short circuiting due to unchecked flooding.  This handy video will walk you through sump pump inspection. A trusty sump pump could end up saving more than just your rec room. Contact us today at Environmental Doctor for all your options in installing or repairing a sump pump system.