The Insidious Game of Molds

Mold, Illustrated via Game of Thrones

Homeowners that happen to be fans of the popular television series “A Game of Thrones”, or the book series by George R.R. Martin that spawned it, may already notice similarities between that series’ oft villainous Lannister family and mold. Mold is a particularly insidious organism, and seems to thrive in hostile, or at least uncomfortable, environments, and the same could be said of the Lannister’s penchant for surviving in the harsh setting of Westeros. With that in mind, someone has re-imagined the iconic opening of the television show, with mold growing

Perhaps you’ve seen a little of something like that growing in your home. Much like the machinations of the aforementioned Lannister clan, if you’ve seen a little evidence of mold, there’s a whole lot more  growing that you don’t yet know about!