Preventing Allergens from Entering Your Home

Allergens are all around you all the time. You’ll notice some of them because you can see them, but many are even too small for you to notice. In this post, we’ll discuss how to keep allergens of all kinds out of your home! You can also check out this handy video on eliminating allergens from your home.

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The first and most effective tip is to use a HEPA filter system. These were originally developed in World War II to remove radioactive particles from the air. However, they also block allergen particles from circulating through your air as well—even ones as small as one-300th of the diameter of human hair!

But HEPA filters will only work in open spaces through your home—and many harmful allergens hide in your air ducts. The best way to improve air quality in your home is through cleaning your air ducts. Research shows that air duct cleaning improves over all air quality in your home, but also removes debris and other mold-inducing factors from your home.

Speaking of mold, many allergic reactions are caused by mold growth in your home. And it doesn’t just affect people within the immediate vicinity of mold—molds release spores into the air, releasing allergens, toxins, and irritants. These elements will affect people differently, especially if someone has a serious mold allergy. The only way to effectively eliminate this threat is through expert mold testing and remediation.

In addition to these larger steps, there are many basic steps you can take to make sure your home is allergen-free. Vacuuming regularly is an important way to collect allergens in your floor and carpet. Restricting where pets go in your home is also a good way to make sure pet dander doesn’t get into sleeping areas or other rooms where you spend a lot of time. Keeping your windows closed during days where pollen is abundant will limit your allergic reactions to plant spores.

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4 Effective Ways of Treating the Health Hazards Lurking in Your Home

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There are many hazards hidden inside your home that can be very dangerous to your health. What’s most concerning about home health hazards is their inability to be seen. This video highlights some of the dangers of household mold. Your air ducts could be full of dust and dirt that is aggravating your allergies, or radon might be seeping into your home, slowly making you sick. However, each of these health hazards can be treated by a professional as described below:

Duct Cleaning

Have the ducts of your HVAC heating and air system cleaned in order to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and remove dust, pollen and other debris from your home. Duct cleaning is especially important for allergy sufferers because it has been proven to prevent health problems, including allergic reactions.

Radon Testing & Mitigation

When soil and rock erodes, uranium can seep into your home through cracks or holes in your foundation. Radon is colorless, odorless and tasteless, meaning that many people live with it in their homes without realizing it. This dangerous substance increases your risk of lung cancer and is a major health hazard, so if you are concerned, then contact a radon testing and mitigation company.

Mold Testing

Mold is a part of our natural environment, but in homes it can cause property damage as well as adverse health effects. It is almost impossible to eliminate all molds and mold spores, but many can be removed, resulting in a cleaner household. Hire a professional to test your home for mold and mitigate fungus if necessary.

Water Treatment

Although it may look clear, your drinking water has many pollutants floating in it, such as bacteria or chemicals that put your health at risk. Call a water treatment professional for a water filtration system that can improve your drinking water and your health.

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