Saving a “Wet Basement” with Dayton Basement Waterproofing

Maybe one day you entered your home and noticed a new musty smell coming from the basement. Or maybe you’ve always noticed that musty basement smell over time but recently, it got worse. The fear of “wet basement” is very real for all homeowners and the first indication can be a persistent musty home smell. The second indication of a wet basement can be seen as random wet spots begin to appear around the floors and the walls. Condensation may be the culprit as moist, warm air hits your home’s foundation. What are the other factors that lead to a wet basement? What if you already have a small leak?

We cannot stress how important time is when noticing even the smallest leak in a basement. When you call Environmental Doctor for Dayton basement waterproofing, you’re calling for quality assurance at a timely manner. Your home’s foundation will have a better chance of survival with a fast and reliant waterproofing service.

There may be several reasons as to why you basement is wet and/or leaky. From water intrusion to condensation, even change in weather (l.e. rainy season), it can be a pain to deal with basement renovations. Although, in the long run, waterproofing your basement can save your home from rotting, sinking, warping and future decay. Every home is unique within its own architecture and location. Which is why we recommend calling us to send over a specialist to inspect your home and discuss the options your home has for basement waterproofing. Some of the most popular ways to waterproof a basement includes: a drain main, a flat track, a 4” round drain tile, and a dehumidifier. Depending on the needs of your home, installing a sump pump may be a great addition.

Should you be thinking about waterproofing the basement this winter? You should be!

Whether you’re a homeowner or have a rental in Ohio, indoor water damage can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Like your parents always said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Avoid the costs and call us today!

Dayton Basement Waterproofing has the most qualified and capable professionals in the area. We can inspect your basement no matter what season it is. Winter is also a crucial time to get your basement inspected since you know, all that Ohio winter snow is going to melt soon enough…

Feel free to give us a call today to book an appointment or to learn more about Dayton Basement Waterproofing.

Heavy Rain Can Wreak Havoc on Basement Sump Pumps | Learn How to Prevent Costly Flooding from Sump Pump Issues

A sump pump is built in a hole that’s drilled into and beneath the basement floor’s surface. It then acts like a well, gathering up accumulating water from the ground and keeping it from building up enough to flood the basement floor. It does this by sending the water through a pipe to the outdoors.

At Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Ohio, we see many sump pump issues after heavy rains. A large aspect of preventing these sump pump issues involves the regular testing of your sump pump at least annually by either a professional or yourself.

In this video by Dominic Diy, you can see the basics of how a sump pump is supposed to work.



Following these few, simple rules for sump pump maintenance can help prevent costly flooding in homes and basements.

  • Your sump pump should be checked regularly and at the very least it should be checked before the spring thaw and rainy season hit.
  • Automatic sump pumps are ideal for Dayton homes since they will automatically begin pumping out water if it begins rising.
  • If you do have an automatic sump pump, always have a back up pump and power supply in the event that a power outage occurs during a storm.

Here at Environmental Doctor, we offer many services to help prevent flooding in the home. With sump pumps, back up systems and even a great option called “Injection Seal” that can be injected into cracked concrete walls and floors to help prevent water intrusion, the professionals with Environmental Doctor are able to detect and correct your water intrusion and drainage concerns. Prevent costly flooding and contact Environmental Doctor today to schedule your sump pump evaluation.