Mold in the Home: Preventable and Treatable

Mold is a tough problem for both home and business owners. Per the EPA, the potential health effects associated with exposure to mold include asthma, allergic reactions and other respiratory complaints.  Check out this video on how to prevent mold indoors. Mold can grow almost anywhere, and on practically any surface where there is access to moisture. Ohio residents are well aware that there is moisture all around. Rather than pack up and move to New Mexico, though, you do have methods available for protecting your health and property.

Preventing condensation goes a long way to limiting mold growth. Waterproofing solutions, like those available from Environmental Doctor, can help you prevent mold from gaining the moisture it requires. Be sure to have adequate ventilation, especially from bathrooms and dryers. Removing the moisture from damp environments like those can assist with reducing indoor humidity, upon which mold thrives. You can be tougher on mold, and when you need help, we are a local expert on mold remediation.