When is the Pollen Count Highest in Southwest Ohio?

Seasonal allergies roughly affect 67 million Americans a year. Most people develop allergies over time and sometimes they worsen with age, although, there are many ways to prevent allergy symptoms during this time of year. For starters, avoiding pollen outdoors. Some of you may say, “it’s impossible to avoid pollen exposure,” as you need to step outside for work, errands, etc. Limiting exposure outdoors between 5am and 10am will lower your pollen allergy flare ups. That’s the highest pollen count almost daily in Southwest, Ohio.


Avoiding Allergy Flare Ups

Sure, minimizing your time spent outdoors can help with allergy symptoms. But there are many other ways in which allergens can be carried into your home or onto your clothes.

Here are some tips on allergy prevention:

  • Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe or a facemask when the pollen count is high.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after petting a dog or cat who’s been outdoors.
  • Bathe and thoroughly wash your hair at night to minimize pollen in the bedroom, nothing is more annoying than a stuffy nose before bedtime.
  • Avoid hang drying your clothes outdoors during this time of year.
  • Keep your windows closed at home and in your vehicle to avoid pollen particles from entering, especially when the count is high in Southwest Ohio (in the mornings).
  • Sign up for allergy alerts through your smartphone. There are various apps that can alert you on high pollen count days, etc.
  • Remember that dry and windy days also have high pollen counts.

Indoor Home Allergens

Sure, allergy season is expected each year during this time of the season. Although some may suffer from allergies year-round. This could be due to an indoor air problem. Mold, mildew or a blocked air duct could be the cause to your indoor allergies.

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Suffering from Allergies in Dayton? Manage Your Allergies with the Help of Technology

allergy concept

If you are an allergy sufferer, then you have no doubt had days that you’ve woken up wondering if you should take extra precautions because of a high pollen count…except you don’t know what the pollen count is. Or, perhaps you know exactly what symptoms you’d like to discuss with your allergist at your next appointment…until you get in the office and can’t remember what they were.

With the AllergyManager App from iTunes, these problems are a thing of the past. Find out pollen counts in seconds, track your symptoms right from your iPhone, and even get reminders for your prescription refills. If you have allergies, this app is for you.

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