Duct Cleaning Hazards

Duct Cleaning: So you’ve moved into your new home or brand new luxury apartment. Of course, some places take time to break in. Especially when they’re new. Whether the leasing agent may tell you that the circuit breakers are brand new and might glitch, etc. A brand new space can be challenging in various aspects.

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For example, there are many different factors as to why a room may not be cooling properly. Inspecting an air duct is a great way to figure out if something (or someone) is blocking the vents. Let’s hope it’s not a dog or an outdoor animal. There are horror stories that can lead one to believe that there’s a family of mice living in the air ducts. Or worse, if it’s an old house.

As mentioned before, duct cleaning professionals could write a whole book on their interesting finds. Duct cleaning dayton ohio is here to help!

Attention Homeowners and Management Companies

Have you ever performed an air quality test in your home? What about in the office? This is an important factor in making sure the air in your home stays fresh and at a healthy level. Especially if you’re the building owner or manage various housing properties. An air quality test can create that peace of mind when dealing with the welfare of others. Creating a clean air environment can lessen allergy symptoms, sinus infections, coughing and more. You can read more about IAQ here.

In the instance that you definitely need duct cleaning dayton ohio, you’ve come to the right place. If you manage old properties, it is best not to try and clean the air ducts alone. We take pride in DIY projects, but it’s best to leave hazardous material to the professionals. You really don’t know what can be found in an air duct.

Air Quality Tests Reveal Dusty Conditions in Classrooms

Even without the presence of mold, air quality tests may still reveal dusty conditions that can be hazardous to your health.

While mold testing at several Manchester Elementary School in Maine did not indicate the presence of mold, air quality tests showed high levels of dust in several classrooms. The stage area was closed immediately, to be reopened after the problem is remediated and cleaned.

“If (Air Quality Management) thinks something needs to be done immediately, we’ll do it,” Superintendent Donna Wolfrom told the Morning Sentinel.

The school underwent mold testing following parent and community complaints that the district wasn’t doing enough to combat the mold.

The report indicated “no significant evidence of mold exposure of concern or atypical mold levels for each location sampled.”

Four classrooms were determined to be dusty.  The stage area was closed as a proactive move “err on the side of most caution,” Randy Geoffroy, owner of the Gray-based Air Quality Management, told the Morning Sentinel.

Anxious Parents Await Results

“I am anxiously awaiting the results from Monday’s testing and am hopeful they will show no areas of concern,” Jeremy Payne, a parent and outspoken critic of the district’s handling of the problem, told the Morning Sentinel. “I’m also relieved we will finally determine the school’s safety and the well-being of students, teachers and staff.”

Mold’s Potential Health Risks

The EPA points out that allergic reactions to mold are quite common. Sometimes these symptoms can be immediate. In other cases, they are delayed. “Molds can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive individuals with asthma. People with asthma should avoid contact with or exposure to molds,” the EPA warns.

According to the EPA, adverse reactions to mold include:

“Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions) and irritants. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Allergic responses include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash.”

If mold testing reveals the presence of mold, a professional mold removal is pertinent to ensure the health of all occupants.