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Does Your Basement Require Waterproofing?

Finding a lot of moisture in your basement? The first step is to determine where the water is coming from- whether it’s leaking from the outside because you need to repair a crack in your foundation, or whether it’s a problem of high humidity that’s condensing on the cool walls of your basement.

The Simple Aluminum Foil Trick

A simple way to spot the moisture is to tape a small piece of aluminum foil to the inside of your basement walls and wait 24 hours. If the moisture appears on the outside of the foil, you’ve got a humidity problem. You can fix it with a portable room dehumidifier or ask Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Ohio for help installing a humidifier system for the whole house. We’re glad to help.

If the moisture is on the inside of the foil, water is likely leaking in from the outside. You probably need basement waterproofing, a tricky job to do yourself, or you could call the experts at Environmental Doctor and save yourself the hassle. You might get away by waterproofing the inside of your walls, a more economical solution, or you might need to waterproof the outside, which can be more expensive but is a longer lasting and more effective fix.