Ignorance of CO Poisoning Is Not Bliss

We live in a world that would have astonished those who lived just a few centuries earlier- ground vehicles that aren’t pulled by animals, flying machines, and communication devices in our pockets. What hasn’t changed is that we still live in a world of invisible dangers. Fortunately, we have gained the ability to detect what these dangers actually are, including germs, mold emissions, and toxic gases such as radon or carbon monoxide. We have the detection and recognition technologies that our ancestors didn’t, so why aren’t we using them? Are we just falling prey to the old cliché that “ignorance is bliss?”

The Centers for Disease Control have created a list of frequently asked questions about carbon monoxide poisoning that may help you identify symptoms and risks that you may have been ignoring. Those frequent headaches and upset stomach may be telling you a little more than you think. Your Dayton area experts in the field of indoor air quality are Environmental Doctor, and we can help you with your CO detection needs. In the modern world, there is no need to be in the dark about CO levels.