Spring is Here! Check Your Air Conditioner Now Before the Summer Heat Hits

Spring is gradually making its way through Dayton and before we know it, the heat of Summer will be upon us. Before the Summer heat hits though, make sure your air conditioner is tuned, clean and working at maximum efficiency. Check out the following video where an air conditioning contractor provides maintenance tips and advice to help you keep your air conditioner running at its full potential.

Properly maintain your air conditioning system by having professional tune-ups and cleanings done as needed. This includes duct cleaning. You should have your air conditioning checked in the Spring, and your  furnace/heat pump checked in the Fall every year for safety, energy savings and to optimize the life of your service equipment. For more information on HVAC services in the Dayton area, contact Environmental Doctor today. We offer a wide range of HVAC services, including duct cleaning, air conditioner tune-ups and more.