Is Your Downspout Properly Placed? Water from Spring Rains Can Lead to Mold in Basements if Not Properly Routed

Downspouts and gutters may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your home, but proper care and placement of these items can save you in the long run. When downspouts are directing water along the side of your home instead of away, the chances of that water leaking into your basement or along your baseboards and resulting in mold growth is much higher. As demonstrated in the following video, it’s very simple to ensure that your downspouts are routing water away from your foundation and basement walls. Excess water can also lead to cracks in your foundation, which will need repair.



If you realize that your downspouts have been splashing water alongside your home and you are concerned about the possibility of mold growth, contact Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Oh. We offer mold testing and mold remediation among many other indoor air quality solutions. For information on mold, radon, A/C services and more, contact us today!