Simple Ideas to Help Prevent Covid-19 from Entering Your Home

The pandemic of our lifetime is still affecting millions of Americans. With the one-year anniversary of the “stay-at-home” orders approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit simple ideas to help prevent covid-19 from entering your household.

First things first, some of us don’t have the luxury to work from home.

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Essential workers are still needed at hospitals, senior homes, grocery stores, and the like. Since we can’t detect the virus on our hands, clothes, or other surfaces, you should have a plan in place each time you enter your home.

Doctors and nurses online have shared their routines, including taking a shower immediately after entering their shared household.

Keeping your clothes in a bag and separated from others is also a great idea before washing them altogether.

Make sure to wipe down any shared surfaces in a restroom as well.

With a total of four different covid-19 strains confirmed in 2021, health experts are now advising shared households to wear masks indoors, especially if a person is going out to work in the medical field or a shared indoor space.

If you can work from home, your only worry should be concerning public outings. Grocery delivery may be available in your area, although the cost can also add up. Thus, if you’re getting take out and shopping for groceries in person, coming back home with all these items may seem stressful.

We recommend the following when returning home:

– Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and hot water immediately after returning home.

– Wipe down any items that will be handled by kids or elderly folks at home. Children are more unaware of washing their hands frequently or prone to touching their faces often. The elderly are more at risk; eliminating the harmful levels for them is a plus.

– Wipe down doorknobs or surfaces touched after unloading your items.

– If you wore a cloth mask, throw it in the dirty laundry basket soon after.

If you have questions about your indoor air quality, contact us at your convenience. Photo thanks to @hakannural and @ashkfor121