How Quickly Can Black Mold Ruin My House?

We’ve all heard of or seen mold at some point in our lives. Mold can start growing in your fridge on outdated food, or it can begin to grow on your bathroom walls and ceiling. Sometimes, mold secretly begins to grow in a dark, humid room, usually in a basement. Unfortunately, sneaky mold growth can be detrimental, not only to our home but to our health.

Black mold is known to cause serious health problems in the long run. This is why it is essential to get a black mold test done in your home or office space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold dark winter or a hot, humid summer; mold can prevail in many circumstances.

So, What Is Mold and How Can It Ruin My Household?

Mold is a fungus that can grow on fabric, walls, paper, glass, plastic, and wood. Just to name a few. Although all indoor air environments have mold spores, the problem occurs when it grows on something damp. The perfect climate can invite these spores to stick and grow. Soon after that, it doesn’t take long for the mold to take over and ruin prized possessions or the inside of your home. Once the mold begins to spread, it can harm other valuables and affect you and your loved ones’ health.

It is impossible to say definitively how long it will take for black mold to ruin your home, but we can test your home for mold which is Step One in the process.

Black mold can cause allergic reactions, skin inflammation, respiratory problems, nausea, mental impairments, tiredness, among other health effects. In extreme cases, black mold has been linked to the cause of death. Black mold is dangerous, and you should never try to remove it on your own.

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Image kindly by @bruno_nascimento