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Determining if your home or place of business in Dayton has mold is the first step in finding a solution. Before remediation can occur, a comprehensive assessment of the classification, location, origin and extent of mold growth is necessary. Our mold assessment specialists will make evaluations of a building’s history to help determine the best course of action. We can identify current areas of concern, help determine the underlying cause of the mold problem, and document zones of potential contamination. Our certified Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs) will provide the advice you need to make an informed decision about remediation options.

Trust the Mold Testing Professionals

mold assessmentMold can grow in places that the naked eye can’t see. Don’t rely on guesswork to find out where the contaminants really are. Our experienced assessors will discover mold wherever it may hide, such as in crawlspaces, piping, inside ceiling tiles and behind drywall. Why risk possible mold-related health concerns and property damage when our experts can test for mold in your building? Because our professionals are experts across the range of indoor environment services, we are able to use what’s learned from the assessment to resolve the problem. Environmental Doctor is your one stop for not only assessment, but mold testing and mold remediation, as well!

Has Your Home Had a Professional Mold Assessment?

If you see mold, you know you have a problem. But what about the mold you cannot see? Most of the toxic mold floating through the air is invisible to the naked eye and it can have serious health effects. And it can have serious health effects, ranging anywhere from asthma to depression. Some molds, like stachybotrys, are highly-toxic and may even cause death. If you suspect mold in a home or have a family member suffering from health problems, the only way to be safe from mold is to have a professional mold inspection &/or mold testing. Take the steps to keep your family safe and your home clean, through the process of mold remediation and mold removal.

If you need Black Mold Testing, Inspections, Removal & Remediation in Southwest Ohio, we can help you. Call us today at 937-433-5202. 

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