Keep the Summer Shades On and Carbon Monoxide Out

Summer time is our favorite time of the year here at Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Ohio. From swimming, to fishing and riding motorcycles on Ohio’s Windy 9; these are just some Ohio summer activities that top our list. Although, for others, summer is the annoying season. Summer lovers may ask, “but why?” Well, for starters, it’s super hot out! The heat also brings up the electric bill since AC usage goes up. Besides that, being pleasantly cool indoors can come with another price, your health. Keeping the air conditioner on and the windows shut creates poor air circulation. This may also lead to poor ventilation which can trap lots of dust and unfiltered air in your home. Including harmful and odorless gasses like carbon monoxide.

carbon monoxide dayton ohio

We are not writing this for you to fear, we are here to inform you. Did you know that there are many easy ways to check your home or office for this hazardous gas? You can test for carbon monoxide by using a handheld detector or by installing a small wall detector in your home. Testing for carbon monoxide is pretty affordable as well.

Carbon Monoxide Testing Avoids Poisoning

If you are worried that you or a loved one has been poisoned by carbon monoxide exposure, call 911 for emergency help. To help you detect carbon monoxide poisoning, symptoms can include chest pain, confusion, headaches and vomiting. Although symptoms can differ from person to person, lethal exposure can also take time. This invisible gas claims up to 500 lives each year. It is always a great idea to test for carbon monoxide in your home if you haven’t done so already. Have more questions in relation to air quality or possibele gas leaks in your home? Call the Environmental Doctor today and view our indoor air services here.