Indoor Air Quality: Dayton Ohio Common Thermostat Use

Does turning up your thermostat make your house warmer, faster?

Simple answer for your indoor air quality, no. We’ve been asked this question a lot lately, due to the Midwest’s recent cold snap (or “bomb cyclone” as its been recently called) wherein average daily highs could not break out of the 15 degree range for about 10 days straight, early January, 2018.

See, in its most basic sense, a thermostat is basically an “on/off” switch. It does not (usually) monitor the exact temperature of a room, only if that temperature needs adjusted.

Indoor Air Quality

For example: Say your room is 50 degrees and you want it 70. You set your thermostat for 70 and it will heat up the room in the time it takes to do so. If you instead set the thermometer up to 90, in hopes it cranks out more heat fast, it won’t… it’ll simply tell itself to turn ON until it hits that magic number to improve your indoor air quality.

Also, you can damage your heater / furnace by running it too hard for too long, so we suggest you set your thermostat to the temperature you want it, and leave it alone. This is precisely why there’s an old joke about theĀ  “American House Husband” being depicted as controlling with the thermostat, he’s protecting the investment in his home, as well as driving the other family members crazy.

Tips on Dealing with Extreme Cold Temperatures

As mentioned, the recent cold has reminded us all of some good practices in regards to maintaining your heater/ furnace to improve your indoor air quality.

  • Watch Humidity Levels: In the winter you can use humidifiers to improve air quality
  • Keep Heater Free from Debris: Do not let loose items or storage boxes to clog important duct airways.
  • Call in Reinforcements: Use electric space heaters to “fill in the cracks” so to speak where your furnace may lack.
  • Have your heater/ furnace maintained by a licensedĀ  professional like the good folks at Environmental Doctor.

Indoor Air Quality is Important

Living in Ohio can be a roller coaster ride when it comes to weather and how it affects your home. Contact us anytime to discuss how our services can be of use to you.