Dayton Sump Pump


A Sump Pump Sends Water from Your Basement Back Outside

Environmental Doctor is a Dayton sump pump install leader. At Environmental Doctor, we specialize in keeping basements and flooring free from the ravages of indoor flooding. All substructures see some kind of moisture from time to time, but major water leakages can cause extensive damage. When water simply cannot escape, we bring the highest quality water removal systems to quickly mitigate damage before it even occurs. As part of our program, we assess, remediate, and prevent, installing the most powerful sump pumps to dry out substructures and crawl spaces to ensure that your home’s foundation stays dry and in good shape for years to come.

A Leader in Sump Pump Installation and Backup Battery Power

Our professionals are experts at diagnosing key water problems and damage to your basement or substructure. We use the finest in testing, and our team has a combined wealth of knowledge and experience to quickly deduce the appropriate solution for your home, business or organization. Our team also will check for hydrostatic pressure under flooring slabs to make sure that water isn’t standing unknown, causing damage after appropriate measures have been taken. After we determine that all leaks have been identified and secured, we install a sump pump to prevent future flooding and leaking issues. That way your basement or substructure stays dry. Call us, Environmental Doctor, for quality Dayton sump pump installation.