Dayton Ohio Sump Pumps Working Overtime

This has been an absolute mess of a Winter, with water levels higher than usual and showing no signs of receding, and with your sump pump working overtime. Its enough to make you want to head to higher ground…

Your Sump Pump Can Save You Thousands

dayton ohio sump pumpWe get a lot of calls from around the Dayton, Ohio area in regards to sump pumps. Often, people don’t even know they have one! They typical scenario is a customer calls and says their basement is flooded, and once we come and inspect we find they do have an in tact sump pump, but it has become unplugged, or damaged, and once it does not work, there’s nothing standing between your basement and the special hell that can be dealing with a flooded basement.

What Exactly is a Sump Pump?

A Sump Pump is an electronic device that detects rising water in an area, usually through the use of a floating plastic ball attached to the pump motor, and pushes the water out of said area into a drainage area. It is a life saver for basement areas that can not only be damp but deal with actual standing water. See entry here.

Maintaining a Clutter Free Basement

As we mentioned above, most people are not aware that there is a sump pump in their home until it’s too late and causing a flood. At Dayton sump pump installation, we specifically recall the homes that have a lot of storage in their basements, because (yup, you guessed it!) it ends up ruining valuables, causes mold and takes longer to service as we have to wait until everything is cleared out in order to get to the pump. We hope the pictures on this page help locate your home’s sump pump and then you can double check what kind of items of value are lingering around that area.

What to do if you need a Dayton, Ohio Sump Pump Service Technician

sump pumpIf you see standing water in your basement do not attempt to wade through it to see what you are dealing with, as there could be dangerous electric connections or other hazards that can be harmful to your physical well being. If you live in the Dayton Ohio area and need help in an emergency call us right away at 937-433-5202.

We can also help you with more proactive solutions such as routine maintenance, sump pump battery backups (an awesome little tool!), systems and installation.

Hopefully this article will get you thinking about your Sump Pump situation and how we can assist in making your basement water free.

The photos on this page show a standard one installed with a water-based backup system