Mold Removal is a Tricky Business

Environmental Doctor gets calls every day from residents of Dayton, Ohio (and surrounding areas) and often times its a concerned home owner who just spotted black (or any color) mold in the house (by sight, or smell) and needs mold removal services, as its not something you can just scrape off the wall with a spatula. 

A Mold Removal Inspection May Be In Order

mold removalIt may be best to leave the task of mold testing to a professional, as it can often be lurking in places you may not be able to spot without significant remediation. If mold is left alone to fester, it can spread, and cause home and health problems to your loved ones and your investment.

There are “mold testing kits” you can buy on the open market, but these are often unreliable and produce false results.

What to do if you Rent?

If you discover mold in your apartment and you have a landlord you can call on for assistance you should, but keep in mind mold issues are relatively common in our area and not a super urgent emergency. If you are unsure of what to do feel free to contact the professionals at Environmental Doctor for your mold removal needs.

How did Mold Get in My House?

Mold grows, where its wet! Well, better off, moist. Mold loves a wet/dry area to spread around in. We’ve all been to  a lake or stream and lifted up a rock and found half of it covered in moss and the other half is all shiny and wet. That is a mold spore’s “happy place” in terms of its living area. It’s important to keep your home free of standing water!

And therein could be another problem if you find mold in your place… you may have a plumbing issue or perhaps even an issue with the foundation of your house, another good reason to have a professional do your assessment so they can help determine those issues as well.