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Dayton Furnace Repair 101: Diagnosing a Heater Gone Cold


So that we can focus entirely on indoor air quality, we have connected with Watkins Heating & Cooling as a strategic partner to handle our furnace repair and replacement calls. Watkins provides a fleet of skilled HVAC technicians, 24/7 service, and access to great financing. Their tight focus on heating and cooling has earned them a reputation as one of the best HVAC contractors in the Dayton area.

Watkins Heating & Cooling is a family business just like ours. They share our values as well as our commitment to top-notch customer service. For more than 25 years, they have served the Miami Valley well. Their high integrity, consistent process, and great reputation have earned the Eclipse Award for Integrity from the BBB in 2015 and a Community Service Award from the Warren County Foundation in 2018.

For great furnace service, please contact Watkins directly at (937) 748-0220 or on their website:


You probably never think about your furnace until it starts blowing cold air. Relax. It’s not time to panic. The solution could be simple, though it may require some help from a professional. Here are a couple common reasons why your furnace has decided to stop working.


One of the most common reasons an older furnace is blowing cold air is that the pilot light went out. Sometimes, this simply requires is a flashlight and a read of the manufacturer’s instructions, usually located on the inside door of the furnace. If it doesn’t stay lit, contact a heater repair specialist in Dayton. There may be something wrong with your furnace that’s a potential fire hazard. Usually, the pilot blows out because soot has clogged the port, leaving the pilot flame too weak to stay lit. This is not a safe repair for a homeowner, but pilot cleaning is relatively simple for a professional furnace technician.


For a modern furnace, the most common failure point is the flame sensor. The flame sensor is a safety device that passes an electrical current through the flame telling the furnace that it has safely lit and can continue operation. When the sensor gets dirty, it cannot properly sense the flame and the furnace will not stay lit. While it may simply need cleaned, sometimes we find that the protective coating is burnt off and a new sensor is the most reliable solution.

If you can’t diagnose and fix the problem yourself, contact a professional. It could be routine maintenance or a potentially dangerous problem. Watkins Heating & Cooling has been solving furnace problems for over 25 years. They service all makes and models and offer free in-home estimates. Check out their site for service pricing for common furnace repairs.