The Incognito Radioactive Gas: Radon Test Dayton Ohio

The Incognito Radioactive Gas: Radon Test Dayton Ohio

For starters, what is radon & a radon test? Radon is a radioactive gas found in nearly all soils that’s produced by decaying uranium. Sounds scary, huh? Although it’s found in the air we breathe in everyday, radon is odorless and colorless (definitely an incognito gas) but the main problem occurs when radon enters your home and gets trapped. Radon causes lung cancer and it’s the leading cause in non-smokers. So you may be wondering… how does radon get into a home? This radioactive gas can travel through cracks and other holes in the foundation of a home, and because of the difference in air pressure, it travels up within the structure of a home or a building and stays there.

Radon testing and prevention is key. As previously stated on our website, the Department of Health estimates that around 50% of Ohio business buildings, apartment buildings and homes have radon levels of 4.0 picocuries per liter of air, which is above the recommended maximum by EPA standards. Yup, you guessed correct: this equals to a lot of radon in the air. Here at Environmental Doctor, we have conducted over 25,000 radon tests in Ohio and have successfradon testully installed over 10,000 radon systems. We provide these services for apartment buildings, government and medical facilities, residential homes, schools and office spaces.

Keeping your home safe means keeping those levels of radon extremely low which will drastically reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. In recent news, the city of Powell passed a new regulation on implementing radon mitigation systems for all newly constructed homes and buildings to prevent this cancer causing agent from putting innocent lives of workers, tenants and families at risk.

After the holiday rush, and plenty of seasons greetings, it’s back to the normal checklist for each household. That includes checking on your indoor home air quality. Are you a new home or business owner? If so, have you checked the radon levels of your property? If the answer was NO, then we have a solution for you! At Environmental Doctor, we have years of expertise with radon testing. You can count on our team of professionals to answer any questions in regards to your home or building air quality both indoor and outdoor. A radon test can help prevent any potential health hazards to you and your family, or employees.

Radon test Dayton Ohio, is also available for the neighboring cities and communities. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your home or business.