Sump Pump Installation

When Do You Need a New Sump Pump?

When is it time to admit your sump pump has gone to the proverbial toilet gods? Like any other mechanical device, yours will eventually wear out and require a sump pump installation. Sometimes, you may have a little warning. Most likely, however, it will just hit the fan.

Cycling Frequently

If your sump pump is coming on and off frequently, even during heavy rain storms, you’ve probably got a problem you ought to fix before it’s too late. Sometimes this is a simple problem- a float switch that just needs to be adjusted, causing the sump pump to come on whenever there are only a few inches of water in the basin. It’s better to fix it sooner than later, as it can wear out your motor. Frequent cycling may also be a sign your sump pump basin is too small for the amount of water it needs to carry. Water levels get too high too quickly, which can overwork your sump pump.

Not Turning On

This could be a sign your sump pump battery backup is dead, or it could be a sign the sump pump itself is dead. Hopefully, it’s just a stuck float switch that’s gotten hung up on the side of your basin. It’s common for vertical floats with plastic braces to break, and the vibrations can push the float up the side of the basin. If freeing the float doesn’t work, you probably should be in the market for a new sump pump, or at least a new battery to back it up. Call Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Ohio. We’d be happy to help.