Radon in Apartments Is Serious Risk to Tenant Health

The Threat of Radioactive Radon Gas in Apartment Rentals

As a tenant in an apartment, you may not realize that you and your family could be at risk of exposure to radon. From a certain point of view, this makes sense, as your landlord likely maintains your lawn and handles repairing other aspects of your dwelling. Indeed, it simply may not occur to you as a non-homeowner that tenants could be at risk from radon in apartments. According to the EPA, radon can affect all dwellings–even multifamily units–especially at the second floor or below. Some cases of radon exposure have even occurred on higher floors, due to movement through elevators or other air shafts.

Testing And Mitigation Can Be Affordable

radon in apartmentsYou won’t be able to see, smell or taste radon, but if it’s there you may begin to feel the effects. The only way to know is through testing. You should find out if the level of radioactive gas in your rental unit has been tested. Property owners should be encouraged to test the building, but if you wish to find out for yourself, Environmental Doctor does offer affordable testing options. If testing does reveal the presence of high levels of radon, your building may need repairs. We can work with your property owners on an affordable solution that can help keep you and your fellow tenants safe.

Radon in Apartments

It is important to make sure your apartment complex is radon free, and that creates a need for testing for radon in apartments. First contact your landlord to see if they can assist you in your testing, (make sure to recomend they use Environmental Doctor!) and if they are unresponsive, give us a call and we can certainly see what we can do to help. It just takes one simple step to live radon free.