Ohio State House Introduces Duct Cleaning Legislation to Eliminate Unreputable Companies

Ohio Senate Bill 338 has been introduced to require companies to register as duct cleaners. This following Dateline NBC’s segment earlier this year, which detailed common scams and scare tactics. Further proof that consumers must be careful to use the right companies to perform this work in their homes! Environmental Doctor subscribes to the best industry procedures. We also maintain a nationally certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist on its staff to ensure top quality. A typical residential duct cleaning in an average home should cost between $450 and $1000 per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association in Washington, D.C. So beware of the companies advertising low budget duct cleaning – they normally use this tactic to get their foot in the door and then use scare tactics (mold, etc.) to raise the price significantly once they are there (duing the “Free Complete System Inspection” part of their “service”). Please call Environmental for further discussion or support.