Home Air Testing

Checking Your Residence’s Air Quality Can Keep You Safer

Driving down the highways and byways may lead us into a false sense that everything that could harm us is outside. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollutant contamination can be up to 100 times higher than those outdoors. Common products can emit chemicals which may cause respiratory problems, irritation, or illnesses. Breathing is the most important thing you do, so it’s critical that you breathe well. Does that persistent cough only seem to happen at home? Everyone’s a little lethargic after a hard day at the office, but do you feel more tired at home, even on weekends? Home air testing may help answer why that’s happening.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Home Air TestingYour trusted source at Environmental Doctor can help you find the best solution to check your dwelling’s air. With more than 25 years of improving the quality of indoor environments, we have the know-how to help you determine the best course of action. As part of our Indoor Air Quality testing program, we are able to test relative humidity and temperature, as well as for volatile organic compounds, and both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. If you have a fuel burning appliance, we also recommend our highly affordable home CO detectors, for added peace of mind.

Home Air Testing Can Be Key

Sometimes your home can be suffering from poor air quality and you don’t even know it. Animal Dander, clogged duct work, mold and dust and debris can truly do terrible things to the breathability of your homes’ air. Environmental Doctor will arrive at your door with an arsenal of experience, equipment, and “know how” to test and correct any issues preventing you and your family from fully enjoying the air flow and purity in your home.