Home Air Test

Domestic Air Inspection Can Reduce Pollutant Risk

There are many substances that can reduce your indoor air quality, ranging from carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to residual contaminants from smoked nicotine and volatile organic compounds. Each may lead to moderate or even severe health issues if left unchecked, not to mention damage to your property itself. Each individual pollutant source might not be the cause of a significant health issue in and of itself, but most homes suffer from more than one such source causing a cumulative impact. With some researchers determining that people spent about ninety percent of their time indoors, it becomes imperative that we maintain a clean, healthy indoor environment. Our experts at Environmental Doctor are here to assist you in meeting that goal and a home air test can help!

With Great Experience Comes Great Options

For more than a quarter of a century, we have provided the Dayton area with the very best in home air quality detection and solutions. With our specialists experience in using sophistic electronic equipment (such as the industry leading IAQ Rae) that can check for not only carbon monoxide, but also relative humidity, temperature, and the presence of volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide, you can trust you are in good hands. We also offer an affordable selection of short term and long term home kits to detect a variety of contaminants such as radon and CO.