Heater Repair Recommended by Fire Marshall to Prevent Fire Fatalities

Tragically, a recent spike in fire deaths in Ohio serves as a grim reminder to make sure heaters are repaired and in working order, smoke detectors are charged and functional, and that all families have a fire and emergency evacuation plan in place.

Even before the winter cold kicked in, as many as 10 Ohioans perished in five fires during the final week of October. The spike in fatalities prompted State Marshal Larry Flowers to issue a plea for residents to take extra precautions against fires ahead of the winter season.

“This tragic loss of life is made more difficult knowing that most fires and fire deaths can be prevented. This number also alarms me because winter heating season is just beginning – we typically see an increase in fires and fire deaths during the winter, and I’m concerned that this could be the start of a trend,” Flowers wrote.

Multiple Fatalities to Blame

The death count was exceptionally high during the last week of October because of multiple fatality fires on Oct. 23 – one in Steubenville that killed two children and an adult and another in Lawrence County killed four, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

Flowers recommended checking all smoke alarms and to keep furnaces and heaters in working order and good repair.