How to Spot a Crack in Your Home’s Foundation

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Being a homeowner is an incredible feat! Although there may be some surprises down the line when it comes to post-sale repairs. A home’s foundation can be one of them. Even if you’ve had a preliminary home inspection, faults in the foundation can be hard to notice. So this brings us to the vital question, how can you spot a crack in your home’s foundation?

Signs Your Home Foundation May Be Slipping

Some of the most obvious signs are not the easiest to spot. It can be challenging to notice sloping floors in a place you walk in every day. So, that brings us to the first case in point: Sloping Floors.

Doing a quick ball test can give you an idea of how leveled your foundation is. Placing a ball on the floor without any added pressure can determine how flat your floors are. If the ball rolls on its own, it may mean that you need a thorough inspection.

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Although, your windows and doors may indicate a more apparent problem as well. Are your doors and windows opening and shutting smoothly? Or are your doors and windows sticking? If they are sticking, it might be a sign of a faulty home foundation. If your windows stick and warp, it is another sign that you might have some foundational sloping issues in need of an inspection from our experts at Environmental Doctor in Ohio.

Foundation Crack Repair in Ohio

So how can you spot a crack in your home’s foundation? If you see cracks in your sheetrock or the brick, it is a red flag. If you see any cracks in your wall or ceiling, the odds are that your home foundation is moving. Let’s be clear; a few hairline cracks are not a cause of concern. We offer foundation crack repair in Cincinnati; call us today!

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