How to Get More Chill from Your Energy Bill

Indian summer is here. So while the leaves might be changing, pumpkin flavor rules nearly every aisle in the grocery store, and Trick or Treaters will soon be at your door threatening you for free candy or else, we likely still have a few scorching days ahead. Don’t pull that air conditioner out of the window just yet. To get the most out of your air conditioner, the folks at Gizmodo provide some handy tips to keep cool while slashing your energy budget at the same time.

Limit the Chill to Comfortable, not Refrigerator

The article may be a few years old, but the advice is still sound, especially when every year has consistently made a brand new heat record for the past decade. We particularly like their advice on limiting the cool and keeping the temps set at 78 degrees, enough to be comfortable without turning your living room into its own refrigerator.

Their advice on using fans to circulate the air to give your air conditioner a break is also a great idea. And as they point out, don’t forget to clean the filter every year. It’s an important step in air conditioning maintenance to follow just before you put it away for the season. That way the unit is ready to go when the heat kicks in again next May.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips from the US Department of Energy

And if you need air conditioning repair at the end of a hot season, the US Department of Energy has some great advice on diagnosing some common issues. If you’re still stumped, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!