Dayton Sump Pump Battery Backup


Storm Knockout Power? Get a Battery Backup for Your Sump Pump

Environmental Doctor provides a holistic approach to assessing and remedying water leakage and basement water damage issues. Even high quality sump pumps need additional power to get the job done. At Environmental Doctor, we are a Dayton sump pump battery backup provider when you are in a pinch or just want to be prepared for the biggest jobs. As part of our “assess, remediate, and prevent” method of stopping water and mold in its tracks, avoiding water damage before it starts is the most effective way to keeping foundations and basements in good shape. Get the most power for the job.

We Can Install a Sump Pump that Keeps Running Even When the Power Stops

Our technicians can assess any water damage situation and provide the best solutions to fit your needs. We carry and install only the finest sump pumps and power backup supply systems. Having a sump pump without an additional power supply is asking for a headache! Call the pros at Environmental Doctor to help with all of your water leakage and sump pump needs. Our technicians will do everything to remediate and prevent water leakage issues in your basement or substructure. If you are in the market for a new sump pump or simply need a backup power supply, let our professionals know today. Environmental Doctor, your full-servicesump pump provider!