Time to dust off your Air Conditioning Systems, Dayton!

As Winter 2018 finally, finally fades into memory (it was a long one!) it’s about time to turn off the heat for the season and turn your attention to your Dayton, Ohio air conditioning repair and overall systems.

For Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Units

To avoid expensive air conditioning repair you should, when first pulling out your wall mounted air conditioning system (and making sure its securely in place) begin by just eyeballing the unit for any obvious damage or debris, mouse chewed electric cables, birds nests and eggs, anything obvious. Then pop off the front panel and you should see an air filter, which can be gently cleaned with water (&/or white vinegar, or dish soap) but do allow the filter to completely dry before using it. Also you can dust off the condenser coils of your unit with either compressed air, or a simple brush and water.

There are a few other items you can inspect while you are at it, some units come with a water pan that gets moldy and is easily cleaned, as well as different spacial compartments in the plastic casing that can be dusted/ wiped down.

For Central Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioning repair

For these more robust A/C systems it is best to hire a professional HVAC technician but there are indeed a few things you can do before your first run your central system, which can help avoid expensive air conditioning repair.

Inspect the outdoor unit, the part of your central Dayton, Ohio air conditioner that is located outdoors, for any obvious signs of winter damage or debris. Brushing or vacuuming the outer coils is recommended, but do turn off the power completely to your unit before fiddling around with it.

As for the inside portion of your central A/C, you can remove the filter and replace that (a few times per year) usually quite easily. If you are unsure what type of replacement filter to buy, simply bring your old dirty one with you to the hardware store, where they can match the exact shape as that is important.

Air Conditioning Repair is a Pain

We hope these tips find you well this Spring and as always, we’d love to be your Dayton, Ohio “go to” service for air conditioning repair, so feel free to skip the hassle and just give Environmental Doctor a call