The Importance of Working with a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company

When you’re in the need of an HVAC company, mold remediation expert, or any other home service provider, it’s important to work with a company you can trust. While many people look to friends for a referral, you may not always have the recommendation of a trusted friend to go from. In instances like this, many people look to outside sources for verification on whether or not they have found a trustworthy company to work with. The Dayton Better Business Bureau serves residents of Dayton by recommending the most qualified businesses. Earning a Better Business Bureau accreditation requires that a company maintain the highest values and standards while conducting business. The Bureau’s ultimate approval is determined by their standards for trust, which include:

Positive Track Record

The Better Business Bureau expects their accredited companies to establish and maintain dependability. Businesses create trust by earning and keeping a good reputation. Finding a BBB approved company that doesn’t have even one negative rating or complaint from a customer is a great way to refine your search.


Transparent business conduct and honest advertising are top priorities for Better Business Bureau accredited companies. Businesses must comply with advertising laws on federal and local levels. The BBB ensures that businesses are sincere to their customers and avoid any type of misleading ads.

Companies ought to be truthful in their promotion of products and in the representation of quality. Items and services should be made clear at all points of transaction.  By working with a company that’s highly rated with the BBB, you can be sure that you’re receiving honest goods and services.

Be Reactive

The Better Business Bureau allows customers to file reviews and complaints against businesses. The BBB expects companies to respond to complaints immediately. Once the business resolves the specific grievances, any necessary changes should be made company-wide to ensure the underlying cause of the complaint doesn’t happen again.  By working with a BBB accredited business, you know that your individual business is greatly important.

While the Better Business Bureau works with companies to resolve disputes, it also honors those with impeccable track records. A local Dayton business, Environmental Doctor boasts an A+ rating with the Dayton Better Business Bureau. Specializing in environmental solutions along with HVAC services, we strive to make every single customer happy. Find out more about us online or give us a call at 937-319-4074.