Need to Reduce Allergies in the Home?


Are you sick and tired of sneezing, stuffy noses and general misery?  In this Expert Village video, learn how something as simple as a humidifier can affect your allergies.  Low temperatures in winter lead to increased use of heaters and a subsequent drop in home humidity levels. Investing in the right type of humidifier can help to balance the moisture content of the air in your home.  Be aware though, if you have the wrong type of humidifier or your house it too moist due to outside water damage, mold can grow and further irritate your allergies.

To learn more about how a humidifier can help reduce allergy symptoms in the home, check out the following video.



If you are suffering from allergies and are looking for household changes that will improve your health, then visit the professionals with Environmental Doctor in Dayton, Oh. We are doctor referred for individuals with asthma, allergies, and chemical sensitivities, and can provide relief by professionally reducing exposure to allergens. From duct cleaning to humidifiers and air filters to mold remediation, our services are designed to improve your health in the home.



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